Buffalo Ears (10pcs) 10

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      These Buffalo Ears are a natural dog treat with no added preservatives or colours.

      They have a lower calorific value than Pigs Ears and come from free-range buffalo.

      Buffalo Ears are chewy in texture and make a great rawhide alternative. And unlike rawhide, Buffalo Ears are fully digestible!

      Every time you treat your dog to a Buffalo Ear, you're also treating them to a dental cleaning! As your dog chews, tartar and plaque are being scraped away from teeth and gums--no doggie dentures needed here!

  • Free-range buffalo meat
  • High protein natural dog treats
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Leaner & healthier than beef or pork
  • Great source of Omega-3
    • Buy bulk for great savings:

      10pcs 9.95 - equivalent to 99p each

      25pcs 23.95 - equivalent to 95p each

      50pcs 44.95 - equivalent to 90p each

      100pcs 79.95 - equvalent to 80p each

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