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Coppens Koi Spirulina 3mm 15kg

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For deep and especially intense red colours in koi, you can use Coppens Spirulina diet.


This carotenoid rich feed can be used in preparation for shows and contests. Because the white parts may discolor slightly, it is advised to switch to Health or Wheatgerm in the last month to make the white pure white again.
As well as carotenoids, this feed also contains essential amino acids, FORPLUS (omega-3 rich algae) and inulin.


Spirulina is highly digestible which helps to maintain a good water quality.


Availabe in 3mm or 6mm




Protein 37%
Fat 6%
Crude fibre 1.80%
Ash 10.10%
Total P 1.40%
Astaxanthin                                                                45 mg/kg
Vitamins added
Vitamin A 25.000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 1.700   IU/kg
Vitamin E 220      mg/kg
Vitamin C (stable) 330      mg/kg

Note: The values of nutrients and vitamins are form the time of writing. These data may vary due to the natural variation in the ingredients. We reserve the right to change our formulations. For the exact values see label.

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