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Coppens Orange 3mm 15kg

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Coppens Orange is a premium grower for koi with carotenoids for colour intensification.

This diet contains krill meal to make it extra attractive for koi and stimulates a good feed intake. It also contains inulin and BIO-MOS. Inulin serves as a food source for the positive micro flora in the gut. BIO-MOS binds opportunistic bacteria and optimizes digestive function. This supports a good intestinal balance.

  • High protein level
  • Flavoured with insect meal
  • Contains paprika and astaxanthin
  • Contains omega-3 rich algae
  • With BIO-MOS (mannan-oligosaccharide)
  • Includes a prebiotic fibre, inulin
  • With organic acids and krill


Protein 46%
Fat 9%
Crude fibre 1.00%
Ash 11.00%
Total P 1.50%
Astaxanthin                                                                 5.0 mg/kg
Vitamins added
Vitamin A 26.000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 1.200   IU/kg
Vitamin E 230      mg/kg
Vitamin C (stable) 350      mg/kg

Note: The values of nutrients and vitamins are form the time of writing. These data may vary due to the natural variation in the ingredients. We reserve the right to change our formulations. For the exact values see label.
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