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Coppens Top Koi 6mm 15kg

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Top Koi is Coppens number 1 professional feed for koi.

The protein/ fat ratio is balanced to maximize the growth of your koi and simultaneously keep them in a perfect shape. 
It includes FORPLUS an omega-3 rich algae and BIO-MOS in order to keep your koi in excellent health and top condition. This is especially important for show koi that can become very old. Also with added wheat germ for a boost of Vitamin E. Furthermore, it contains astaxanthin and spirulina to support the colours in your koi.

Top Koi is also fortified with a probiotic.

Protein 51%
Fat 10%
Crude fibre 0.90%
Ash 11.90%
Total P 1.60%
Astaxanthin                                                                           10 mg/kg
Vitamins added
Vitamin A 28.000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 1.100   IU/kg
Vitamin E 250      mg/kg
Vitamin C (stable) 500      mg/kg

Note: The values of nutrients and vitamins are form the time of writing. These data may vary due to the natural variation in the ingredients. We reserve the right to change our formulations. For the exact values see label.

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